Export Incentive Schemes

What We Do

We provide end-to-end support to Exporter of Goods and Service Providers who earn in foreign Exchange to compliantly avail of incentives. This includes:

Buy/Sell Scrips

Besides consulting, documentation, representation and facilitation of all matters related to Exports and Imports Policy, Procedures, Licenses and Incentives we also buy and sell

  • Duty Credit Scrips – MEIS and SEIS
  • DFIA (Duty Free Import Authorizations)
  • Post Export EPCG Duty credit scrip
  • Other valid and transferable licenses, authorizations, scrips
for our Exporter and Importer clients. Through our process of checking the scrips before buying and selling, we ensure that the chances of wrong scrips or their misuse is ruled out. Most of our clients being large corporate, MNCs or Public sector companies chances of any misuse is in any case virtually not there.

Significance of other schemes

The following schemes has been ended on 31.03.2015 but still they have significance –

Some Clients

Some of our esteemed clients are: