Gives a value of 10% of the FE earned from export of services in the previous year in the form of duty credit script.

The Script can be used for duty free procurement of any Capital Goods or consumables related to any service sector business of the script holder, from International as well as domestic sources. Service exporters who are also engaged in manufacturing activity are permitted to use SFIS duty credit scrip for importing/domestically procuring capital goods including spares related to their manufacturing sector business. Hotels, travel agents, tour operators or tour transport operators and companies owning/operating golf resorts having SFIS scrip can import or domestically procure motor cars, SUVs and all purpose vehicles using SFIS scrips for payment of duties. Such vehicles need to be registered for “tourist purpose” only. In case of Hotels and Restaurants it can be used even for import of foods items and liquor.

Is Actual User and non transferable (except within the group)